Red Door Digital, the Web 3.0-ready game studio and publisher, today announced it will be launching NFTs for its in-house developed Web3 game Reign of Terror via Fractal, the online NFT marketplace for Solana-based game assets. Founded by Twitch Co-Founder Justin Kan and Google Drive Co-Founder David Wurtz, Fractal shares Red Door Digital’s mission to attract mainstream gamers and developers to Web3.

The NFT listing is set for June and arrives as Red Door Digital begins to ramp up for the release of its first major title, Reign of Terror. The cyberpunk MMO is slated for a summer release and is set to polish Red Door Digital’s credentials as a developer of AAA-quality Web3 games. The NFT minting will begin with profile pictures (PFPs), followed by later rounds that include a land sale and an agent (player character) drop.

In this first NFT listing, Red Door Digital will be offering a limited release of 7,000 PFPs which will serve as personal avatars, with designs representing the various strata of society in Reign of Terror. NFT owners will be able to use the PFPs within a web mini-game set to launch alongside the NFT drop. And in possibly a world-first, owners of the super-rare class NFTs will be able to rerender their NFTs to include their own face on the blockchain as real life begins to transcend into the metaverse.

NFT marketplace Fractal closed a $35 million funding round in April this year, led by Paradigm and Multicoin Capital, and with participation from Andreessen Horowitz, Solana Labs, Animoca, Coinbase, and others. Fractal specializes in Solana-based Web3 gaming assets and has listed NFTs from The Sandbox and SolChicks, among many others.

“This is an incredibly exciting moment as we begin to share Web3 assets of our first title with the gaming community. We knew Fractal was the ideal GameFi NFT marketplace for Reign of Terror NFTs the moment we met their team. Like us, they’re passionate about moving gaming into the next era through great Web3 gameplay. That’s exactly what we’re doing at Red Door Digital,” said Joseph Derflinger, CEO of Red Door Digital.

“Fractal is the trusted marketplace for Web3’s AAA titles, and Reign of Terror is a fantastic addition to our line-up of leading blockchain games. Red Door Digital has brought together gaming industry titans to show what the next generation of video games have to offer,” said David Wurtz, Co-Founder and CEO of Fractal.

“Our goal at Fractal is to show traditional gamers that Web3 is the future they’ve been waiting for, where they can be part not only of the community, but also the decision-making for the games they love. Studios like Red Door Digital are building AAA-games to prove that Web3 gaming really is a new dawn for the industry,” said Justin Kan, Co-Founder of Fractal and Co-Founder of Twitch.

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