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Philippines: Southeast Asia’s next big breakout market?

TechNode Global’s series on the Philippines will delve into why now, after years of depending on income from remittances, Filipino entrepreneurs and founders are attracting venture capital (VC) money in droves. In this first part, we briefly explain the key growth drivers and opportunities awaiting VCs in the country, while laying the groundwork for future…

Targeted e-commerce should be a discovery-led experience, says edamama’s Bela Gupta D’Souza [Q&A]

Decisions on what products to buy or services to avail of as parents are often influenced by research, social proofing, and seeking out detailed reviews. We, therefore, think that shopping increasingly needs to be a discovery-led experience instead of a search-driven process. 

Philippines VC Gentree Fund allocates $40M for SEA startups looking to expand in the country

Gentree Fund, a Philippines-based sector-agnostic fund that focuses on investments into early-stage B2C and B2B companies, has just announced that it has earmarked an initial $40 million to invest in early and growth-stage Southeast Asian startups with plans of expanding into the Filipino market.

Mom-focused e-commerce platform Edamama raises $5M pre-Series A for automation, logistics & product development

The company was established amid the pandemic by its founder Bela Gupta D’Souza, who saw the pain points of mothers as consumers when purchasing online. She said that it is common for mothers to spend many hours in search of the best products for their children only to end up with inferior quality products from untrusted sources.