Metaverse will play a key role in HealthTech, patient care & collaboration, says 8chili’s Aravind Upadhyaya [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

With the onset of pandemic, Digital Health has gained significant momentum both in terms of investment and adoption across the healthcare spectrum. Be it the use of immersive technologies like AR/VR for healthcare training, education, or collaboration to remote patient monitoring through wearables and digital therapeutics. Each of these areas has a…

Announcing the winners of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2021

The ORIGIN Innovation Awards recognizes outstanding startups, corporate innovators, and movers and shakers in the Asia Pacific region poised for growth. The awards celebrate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and also seek to inspire the dreamer in all of us.

ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2021: Startup Winners – HealthTech & MedTech, and FoodTech & AgriTech

We are thrilled to announce the Startup Winners - HealthTech & MedTech and FoodTech & AgriTech for the second edition of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards.

ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2021: Announcing the Startup Finalists – HealthTech & MedTech, and FoodTech & AgriTech

Here are the finalists for the Startup Awards category in HealthTech & MedTech, and FoodTech & AgriTech