TechNode Global’s Top 10 feature articles in 2022

We have written some analysis and feature articles in 2022, covering various sectors, including FinTech, DroneTech, Web3, and electric vehicles, among others. Here are the most popular ones:

Korea’s ambition for launching Layer 1 blockchains will accelerate in 2023

The Layer 1 take-off will force established platforms to re-architect their infrastructure to accommodate new players. Where South Korea has begun to realize this potential for a strengthened user-owned economy, we’re certain that the Layer 1 take-off won’t stay a regional phenomenon for long.

The rise of Web3: Asia Pacific expected to grow at fastest rate

In line with the rapid growth and interest in Web3, TechNode Global has introduced a category “Web 3 Disruptors” in the third edition of ORIGIN Innovation Awards.

Renewable energy rises to the occasion as oil & gas prices spike

Some of the venture capital firms have already started scouting opportunities to invest in renewable energy startups in the region.

Net zero transition risks to business

In this article, we will explore a small facet of this transition risks, and attempt to provide an overview of what this means for companies, with a focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), since these form the bulk of jobs and economy of countries.

Travel tech firms await ‘revenge traveling’ as Malaysia reopens, but concerns remain

Travel tech firms are finally able to hope for a better year as Malaysia reopens for international travelers after two years. But still, the recovery of the traveling industry may not be a smooth one as a sub-variant of the highly transmissible Omicron version of coronavirus, BA.2, is now dominant worldwide, prompting surges in countries across US, Europe…

Consortiums partnering banks, e-wallets have an upper hand to bag Malaysia digital bank licenses

Consortiums partnering with financial institutions and e-wallet operators will have an upper hand in securing a digital banking license in Malaysia, according to analysts.

FinTech continues to be a hot sector in Southeast Asia after a booming 2021

FinTech will continue to be one of the hottest sectors in Southeast Asia after investors pumped record amounts into the region’s FinTech firms last year.

Malaysia’s drone tech hub ambition: Opportunities & Challenges [Part 2]

In Part 2, we focus on the challenges faced by drone tech startups, the Malaysia government’s initiatives to support the industry and some suggestions from drone tech companies.