Will Davis

How VinFast’s founder joins the auto industry’s power list

The #EV industry is booming, but competition is fierce. Geopolitical turmoil, economic fluctuations, and shifting consumer confidence add further complexity. To navigate these challenges, VinFast has adopted a multi-product, multi-market strategy, a unique approach that's granting the #Vietnamese electric car company a significant advantage and propelling…

VinFast powers Indonesia’s EV future with expansion plan

The Indonesian government's push for an electric vehicle ecosystem creates an ideal opportunity for VinFast, Vietnam's premier EV manufacturer, to contribute to Indonesia's goal of reaching sustainable transportation.

China’s EV boom signals the end of the age of oil

China boasts the world’s largest EV market and a 2000 km EV road trip across the country by Bloomberg News offered a glimpse of the end of the age of oil.

VinFast: A role model of building sustainable supply chain in Vietnam [Q&A]

"VinFast has once committed to cease selling internal combustion engine vehicles before 2035, and we are proud to announce that we have achieved this significant milestone much earlier than anticipated," said Madame Le Thi Thu Thuy, Global CEO of VinFast, during the panel discussion on "Sustainable Supply Chain Resilience: Navigating Global Disruption" at…

Could electric taxis energize tourism development in Laos?

The adoption of electric taxis in #Laos has the potential to revolutionize transportation, bringing both economic and environmental benefits. By embracing this sustainable mode of transportation, Laos can not only enhance its economy and tourism industry, but also contribute to a greener future.

The innovative technology behind near-fireproof electric vehicle batteries

The advanced technology in #electricvehicle #batteries, particularly the advances achieved in making them fire-resistant, is a crucial aspect of this revolution. This innovation addresses one of the main issues with lithium-ion batteries, making #EVs safer as well as more environmentally beneficial.