Victor Chow

Amid the global pandemic, here are trends and innovations shaping the F&B industry

With the rise of delivery, the importance of a strong digital marketing plan becomes vital. Digital marketing will be the key to push your grand opening, promote your restaurant and get customers excited and ordering. Customer insights can then be leveraged to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

A look into how cloud kitchens are driving growth for Taiwan’s billion-dollar food delivery industry

The Taiwan food delivery market, which is a top market for international food delivery players foodpanda and Uber Eats, is expected to generate $1 billion annually and already does close to 600,000 orders per day.

How cloud kitchens offer endless opportunities for rapid expansion amid the pandemic

With the F&B industry amidst one of its most revolutionary periods of all time, we are likely to see increased interest in cloud kitchen models. This space offers the potential of better unit economics, improved profitability, and faster scalability that could result in a more secure and sustainable business for all.