Plug and Play APAC

What can insurers do about rising digital connectivity exposures?

Insurance can play a pivotal role in providing risk protection but only can do this when fully taking advantage of the ubiquity of the platform economy - using real-time data, automated underwriting, and claims and deploying shorter product innovation cycles.

Airport innovation in a time of COVID

While COVID-19 has affected the travel and airport industry tremendously, it has been proven to accelerate some innovations in many sub-sectors, changing the priorities of airports globally.

The secret to building a digital health unicorn in Southeast Asia

The secret to success in digital health in Southeast Asia is to take a harder, non-consensus view. But that alone is not enough; you need to continue to believe you’re right despite peer pressure and smart people telling you otherwise.

Building HealthTech solutions that last beyond the pandemic

How do we build a HealthTech solution that not only solves a specific problem but plugs into and grows with the landscape of other connected health solutions to provide better value?

Exploring opportunities in the Philippine tech landscape

With the economy improving, and an internet and mobile-savvy market, the Philippines is also showing initiatives to encourage and advance the innovation space.