Paulo Joquiño

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Insignia’s AI Notes #1: Generative AI is a catalyst for a productivity shift, though not quite (yet) the panacea for inefficiencies

It is crucial to remember that while #GenAI can automate various tasks, it cannot entirely replace human creativity, empathy, and #criticalthinking – the “human touch.” As we integrate Gen AI more deeply into our lives, we must remain mindful of its limitations and potential pitfalls, striking a balance between leveraging the benefits of #AI and preserving…

Debunking 5 common misconceptions about product-market fit

To better understand this vital aspect of company building, we debunk some common misconceptions about PMF, explore its importance for long-term growth, and examine real-world examples from Southeast Asia.

Hyperlocalizing Asia-first mental health at scale: What Southeast Asia startups bring to the global stage of innovation

Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem has historically been formed by learnings from more mature markets. But the growth of the region’s digital economy has uncovered uniquely emerging market challenges that have given rise to new species of venture-backed startups.