Matt Cheng

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AI agents from “thinking fast” to “thinking slow”

From fast thinking to slow thinking, #AI is evolving at an unimaginable pace. However, each ability is not absolutely good or bad but has its own unique advantages and suitability for use in different scenarios.

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New business opportunities under the GPU gap

From AI startups like #OpenAI to the top three public clouds of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and new cloud service challengers like CoreWeave and Lambda, to large technology companies with #AI demands such as #Meta and Tesla, are all managing to take more #GPU computing power.

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Is the global labor shortage crisis ushering in the golden age of robotics?

Although no one knows exactly when the golden age of #robotics will begin, we can be certain that before that time comes, offices, shopping malls, and even entire cities will need to be redesigned. Everything from workflow processes to space design will need to be reimagined to address the needs of these new "robotic residents."

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Japan is finally pivoting from paper ledgers to fintech

The #Japan #fintech market is also entering a turning point, from closed to open, from homogenous to diversified. And while this market is still in the early stages with both founders and consumers still figuring out how this change will subvert decades-old habits, the biggest opportunities are often born out of the initial chaos. The first to snatch the…

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Before creating your own product, learn how to remix

Copying what’s been done before or imagining what’s next: which do you see as the most critical founder skill? Most people would probably go with the latter. But I actually go with the former, or a version of it I call – to borrow a term from the music industry – “remixing”.  If all original ideas could only ever be used by the person who conceived them, a…

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Carbon-absorbing houses are disrupting the centuries-old cement industry

We are seeing a growing consensus across industries on the subjects of #ESG and #carbon reduction, two areas in which #enterprises need to make strong efforts to maintain a competitive edge. The cement and construction industry, however, plays an especially critical role. 

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AI assistants can be students’ personal Socrates

AI assistants that can engage students in the Socratic Method could be especially helpful in Asian schools where students are most accustomed to the passive absorption of information – this could also get quiet students to be more confident in sharing their ideas.   

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Don’t let automation relegate you to the role of “human router”

In a tech industry where new technologies can be iterated rapidly and agility is essential to survival, companies are putting more stock in the “lean” mentality. But there’s no getting around the reality that as companies scale, they need to expand their workforce, which is why they need managers to handle communication and make sure all departments are…

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Before jumping on the AI wave, remember these few things

In the face of new technologies, founders need to go back to the essentials of entrepreneurship and first ask themselves what pain points they can solve and in which industries. Only after they have taken these first two steps should they ask: “What role can the new tech play in this use case?”

How EV battery maker XING Mobility solved an industry bottleneck and found their market opportunity

The road from concept to development and finally an exceptional product is one every startup has to walk.