Singapore Telecommunications Limited, commonly known as Singtel, has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network Cloud Program and will bring NVIDIA’s full-stack artificial intelligence (AI) platform to enterprises across the region.

Singtel said in a statement on Thursday that NVIDIA-powered AI Cloud will be hosted by Singtel’s Nxera regional data center business, which will be developing a new generation of sustainable, hyper-connected AI-ready data centers.

“We are pleased to collaborate with AI leader NVIDIA to deliver AI infrastructure services, democratizing access for enterprises, startups, government agencies and research organizations to leverage the power of AI sustainably within our purpose-built AI data centers,” said Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Nxera and Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit.

“This tie-up provides an easy on-ramp for enterprises across all industries which can accelerate their development of generative AI, large language models, AI fine- tuning and other AI workloads,

“Together with our sustainable AI DCs, 5G network platform and our AI cluster with NVIDIA, these form part of our next-generation digital infrastructure to support AI adoption and digital transformation in Singapore and the region,” he added.

Ronnie Vasishta, Senior Vice President for Telecom at NVIDIA, said the firm’s collaboration with Singtel will combine technologies and expertise to facilitate the development of robust AI infrastructure in Singapore and throughout the region.

“In addition to supporting the Singapore government’s AI strategy, this will empower enterprises, regional customers and startups with advanced AI capabilities,” he added.

According to the statement, Singtel’s upcoming hyper-connected green 58MW DC Tuas in Singapore will be one of the first data centers that will be AI ready when it comes into operation in early 2026.

DC Tuas will offer a high-density environment suited for AI workloads and will operate at a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.23 at full load, making it one of the most efficient in the industry.

Besides DC Tuas, Singtel is developing two other state-of-the-art data center projects in Indonesia and Thailand.

The NVIDIA GPU clusters will run in existing upgraded data centers initially and can be further expanded into the new AI DCs when they are ready for service.

It is noted thta Singtel has had experience in delivering edge cloud services with NVIDIA AI, having trialed GPU
services at the 5G@Sentosa testbed for many government agencies since 2021.

Singtel’s patented Paragon platform will also enable customers to orchestrate, manage and deploy their various networks, AI and cloud workloads across multiple providers with greater efficiency and at lower costs.

According to the statement, this collaboration supports Singapore’s national AI strategy designed to spur the next phase of economic development by empowering its citizens and businesses with the latest technology.

The plan calls for growing the country’s compute infrastructure as well as its specialist pool of AI talent.

Singtel is Asia’s leading communications technology group, providing a portfolio of services from next- generation communication, 5G and technology services to infotainment to both consumers and businesses.

The group has presence in Asia, Australia and Africa and reaches over 760 million mobile customers in 21 countries.

Its infrastructure and technology services for businesses span 21 countries, with more than 428 direct points of presence in 362 cities.

Singtel advances AI development in Singapore and the region with strategic partners