Warung Pintar

Indonesian ecommerce enabler SIRCLO acquires retail platform Warung Pintar to strengthen omnichannel services for MSMEs

Indonesia’s e-commerce enabler company SIRCLO announced Wednesday its acquisition of Warung Pintar, a technology-based retail company that provides a range of digital products and services for the micro-retail (warung) business ecosystem. Post-acquisition, Warung Pintar is incorporated into the SIRCLO Group to offer a comprehensive omnichannel solution for…

Warung Pintar

Digital transformation has accelerated the warung ecosystem in Indonesia, says Warung Pintar’s Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro [Q&A]

Agung discusses how the pandemic accelerated digital transformation in Indonesia, and how MSMEs–or warungs in particular–are able to benefit with the aim to “accelerate Indonesia’s growth in the midst of a post-pandemic economic boom by empowering micro-retail businesses.”

4 years on, cashierless stores are full of empty promises

Now the hype has died down, here’s how Southeast Asia has really been impacted by retail startups.