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The 2021 VinFuture grand prize laureates receive Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2023

Before the #NobelPrize awarded Dr. Kariko and Prof. Weissman, the 2021 #VinFuturePrize was one of the first few global sci-tech awards to honor the work of Dr. Kariko and Prof. Weissman. Furthermore, the VinFuture Prize evaluates work at a broader scale, including many related discoveries to create comprehensive impacts.

A sneak peek into the future of traffic jam reduction

Deep reinforcement learning is expected to advance 80 years of congestion modeling-based research. Scientists demonstrated in what is known as The MegaVander Test that connected autonomous vehicles (AVs) to function as mediators for mixed autonomic transportation with the aim to ease #traffic and conserve #energy.

InnovaTalk Webinar recap: Understanding medication-gut microbiome interactions

The July InnovaTalk Webinar hosted by the VinFuture Foundation highlighted the most recent research endeavors in understanding the interaction between medication drugs and the human gut microbiome, their implications on various complications including Antimicrobial Resistance and malnutrition, and challenges and opportunities to expand microbiome research…

Carbon capture and storage solutions to mitigate climate change

#Climate change is a #social challenge that requires effective communication, empathy, environmental justice, and multiple approaches to understand people's perspectives and encourage meaningful action. Read more in this recap of the June 2023 InnovaTalk #Webinar hosted by the VinFuture Foundation.