Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India

Women in tech: How these VCs are helping to close gender gap in Southeast Asia

We talked to several venture capital (VC) firms in the region to learn more from their perspectives about gender gap in the tech ecosystem. We sought for their thoughts on gender lens investing and asked for their suggestions on how female tech entrepreneurs can improve further, addressing their challenges in the male-dominated tech startup ecosystem.

Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India promotes Pui Yan Leung, Kanika Mayar to Partners

“Both Pui Yan and Kanika are purpose-driven investment professionals with extensive experience in investing and working with start-up founders. They have made significant contributions to VVSEAI and have constantly provided valuable insights and perspectives to our deal decisions,” said Joo Hock Chua, Managing Partner at VVSEAI, said in a statement.

My first chapter in VC — my observations, mistakes and learnings

We often strive to speak to founders as early as possible to get a head start on cultivating a long-term relationship. It may or may not end favorably with an investment but just building that connection and trust alone can go a long way. To me, it’s not just about clinching the deal, but about growing the startup ecosystem as a whole.

Indonesian ​​integrated fishery firm Aruna aims to make Indonesia center of the world’s maritime economy by 2045. Here’s how:

In the interview, Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer Sus Utari Octavianty also shared details on Aruna’s plan, strategy and challenges it faced.