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ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2021: Announcing the Startup Finalists – HealthTech & MedTech, and FoodTech & AgriTech

Here are the finalists for the Startup Awards category in HealthTech & MedTech, and FoodTech & AgriTech

Why it’s time to sustain the telehealth momentum gained during COVID-19

Instead of replacing traditional healthcare delivery, experts believe COVID-19 has boosted telehealth’s importance as an option in healthcare. Now that patients have experienced the convenience of going online for first-time visits instead of spending hours waiting at the clinic, they are likely to turn to it as an option after the pandemic as well. The…

5 Latest healthcare technology developments in Singapore

Singapore leads news headlines in Asia for using the latest technology to improve health care delivery as the world continues to fight the pandemic. Several Singapore-based companies, including the government, are grabbing global attention for their efforts to ease patient access to health care and facilitate a better international travel experience during…

Vault Dragon on how the data economy is now an integral part of healthcare [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

A winner at the ORIGIN Innovation Awards--Startup Awards in HealthTech in 2020, Vault Dragon is a digital health solutions company that provides a full-stack enterprise solution for hospitals and healthcare institutions.

6 Ways COVID-19 is shaping the new model of health care delivery

Much has been spoken about how digital health solutions swooped in to save the day – not only to tackle the novel virus’ spread but also to address the gap in other health care needs.