Software Engineer Standing Beside Server Racks

The tragedy of the data commons: Why new strategies are needed to bring harmony to IT

#Data, much like drinking water, is a critical resource. Developers need to use this data, and logically, they want to use it as much as possible as it enables them to build innovative applications and products. However, too much data flowing around a modern distributed #enterprise environment carries risks to the larger company.

Close-Up View of System Hacking in a Monitor

4 Steps for shifting left & winning the battle on security

The shift left in this context refers to moving practices related to testing software as early in the development process as possible. By embracing the shift left, technology teams—specifically DevOps teams—can identify bugs, errors, and vulnerabilities early on and resolve them, resulting in highly performing, highly-secure software, and applications.……

2023 is the year tech pros finally deal with tool sprawl

Application performance tools. Cloud services tools. Database performance tools. Here a tool, there a tool, everywhere a tool! 

The cost-benefit analysis of database backup strategies

In Southeast Asia, data protection as a business culture is still gaining awareness, and with remote working becoming more common, greater urgency and action are needed. Data plays a vital role in any successful business, and backups are central to any data protection strategy. Protecting this data is mission-critical, and it falls to database…