Green Monday Group’s David Yeung on how FoodTech is addressing global food security and environmental concerns [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

OmniFoods has a mission to innovate food that will treat the planet right, treat animals right and treat consumers right. The company's established food scientist team in Canada innovates food 2.0 based on Asian eating culture and cooking habits while ensuring that the ingredients are cruelty-free, cholesterol-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free.

Announcing the winners of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2021

The ORIGIN Innovation Awards recognizes outstanding startups, corporate innovators, and movers and shakers in the Asia Pacific region poised for growth. The awards celebrate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and also seek to inspire the dreamer in all of us.

ORIGIN Innovation Awards 2021: Startup Winners – HealthTech & MedTech, and FoodTech & AgriTech

We are thrilled to announce the Startup Winners - HealthTech & MedTech and FoodTech & AgriTech for the second edition of the ORIGIN Innovation Awards.

OmniFoods, OmniPork

Alternative meat startups are making slow progress across Southeast Asia

By the end of this year, shoppers in Southeast Asia will finally get some plant-based pork.