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Debunking 5 common misconceptions about product-market fit

To better understand this vital aspect of company building, we debunk some common misconceptions about PMF, explore its importance for long-term growth, and examine real-world examples from Southeast Asia.

Bluesheets raises $4M as it builds automation infrastructure for businesses globally to better manage financial data and workflows

With the funding, Bluesheets looks to reach more businesses in international markets, expand the use cases of its software, and expand its global team across functions to achieve this further growth.

Debunking 5 myths about digitalizing Indonesia’s logistics with Ritase CTO David Samuel

Indonesian logistics in the next five years can only get more interesting as the key principle driving us into the future is efficiency; How to be more efficient? How to be more productive? How to reduce human error? How to save more time and money? And importantly, how can we reduce our carbon footprint?

Designing an anatomy for rapid user acquisition

We picked Product-led growth as our primary approach because this is the very DNA of the founders