A new era of opportunities to watch post-Bitcoin halving

A new variety of #crypto-focused products are now available, but is the market ready?

Beyond Ordinals, Runes are set to enhance the viability of new Bitcoin use cases

The integration of #Runes with #RWAs is in its nascent stages, which means there will be technical and regulatory concerns to look into. Despite the challenges, these solutions are currently being explored for their potential to enhance accessibility, liquidity, and to create innovative financial instruments, offering new utilities to the #Bitcoin…

What a dynamic blockchain OS means for the Web3 ecosystem

The notion that Web3 is relatively new makes it a hotbed for ambitious startups and developers. As with any new industry, time will tell as to how the next evolution of digital apps will take off. 

Indonesian Islamic body forbids crypto as currency – report

As a means of payment, cryptocurrencies are forbidden according to Shariah law because they carry elements of uncertainty and harm, and are in violation of state laws.