AWAK Technologies

Singaporean med-tech firm AWAK Technologies raises $20+ million in Series B funding

AWAK Technologies (AWAK), a Singaporean medical technology company focused on dialysis using regeneration technology for end-stage renal disease, has on Wednesday announced it has successfully raised $20+ million in Series B funding. The round was co-led by venture capital firms Lion X Ventures and Vickers Venture Partners.

AWAK is set to revolutionize kidney care with its breakthrough ultra-portable wearable dialysis machine [Q&A]

With AWAK’s wearable technology, dialysis patients will be able to regain the freedom they once lost due to the rigid schedule of dialysis. With AWAK’s product, dialysis patients will be able to dialyze on-the-go, thus eliminating the need for dedicating specific time and resources for dialysis and hence, reducing the burden of therapy.