Yiwei Wang

A new era of opportunities to watch post-Bitcoin halving

A new variety of #crypto-focused products are now available, but is the market ready?

Hong Kong Bitcoin spot ETF: Innovation designed for retail investors

The potential of the Hong Kong ETFs is boundless as the US ETFs have seen a total of $11 billion inflow since the launch. Besides, the #HongKong #ETFs will be important for Asia's financial center’s ambition to become a #Web3 hub open to all.

Bitcoin ETF: A fresh start in crypto investing

At the end of the day, #Bitcoin #ETF represents a fresh start for crypto investing where compliance, security, and most importantly confidence. More #crypto ETFs will follow suit with a stronger focus on investor education and protection, we are only at the beginning of mass adoption.

Hong Kong’s next big opportunities in RWA/STO investing

As a global financial center, #HongKong has achieved much success in paving the framework for the #Web3 and digital assets industry in the past year. The effort in connecting traditional finance with digital assets has been welcomed by broader market participants and one of the biggest developments has to do with the introduction of #STO and #RWA investing.

Lessons from the fallout of JPEX: Rethink compliance in crypto business

The industry desperately needs to refresh how it does marketing to avoid lasting reputation damage.

Is Hong Kong ready for the return of the digital assets industry?

Asia’s financial center aims to become a center for digital assets, but the road to achieving that is a long one.

SVB’s unexpected collapse: The intersection of risk management and communication

SVB’s failures should be a case study for tech entrepreneurs and VCs around the world that companies need to look beyond marketing's upside and start to realize the value of reputation risk management and managing the downsides present in all communications.

What crypto startups should focus on to raise brand awareness in 2023

To reach new heights and stand out, this is the time to set out bold, innovative branding strategies.

Crypto winter exacerbated by FTX fallout; What’s ahead in 2023?

From promoting better crypto investment education to constructively working with regulators, trust building takes time and requires consistent, careful management.

Beyond dominance in single crypto hub, a global alliance is necessary

The rise of global competition in the crypto hubs is an encouraging sign that shows the power of blockchain technology and the economic value of cryptocurrency is becoming better understood and more accepted by governments. In other words, to become a crypto hub, the region needs to live up to the ideals of a decentralized, data-driven society.