Nischal Tanna

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Putting the customer first: The impact of generative AI and CX in the BFSI sector

GenAI is fast revolutionizing BFSI customer experience through personalized, efficient, and secure services. Embracing #GenAI would pave the way for seamless and personalized #CX, helping #BFSI companies achieve sustained growth, customer loyalty, and a competitive advantage in today’s digital age.

Top 10 applications of Web3 that business enterprises can leverage 

With the integration of business technologies, Web 3.0 applications have already started to revolutionize several international businesses. Business executives are becoming aware of Web 3.0's huge influence on the industry and how to best leverage it to add value.

Winter is coming, but startups can be prepared with the right tech planning

Cloud services provide access to top-notch infrastructure at low upfront costs and allow startups to launch products at a faster pace. It also helps the product team to scale their load-handling capacity in case the demand shoots up for their goods or services. We recommend firms get a cloud partner early on to help in this journey.