Ming Yee

Achieving the next-generation crypto exchange for the masses through DeFi platforms

The metaverse is expected to see the rise of a multitude of digital and online platforms and services. One specific sub-sector here that merits attention is that of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). While digital currency exchanges have experienced setbacks over the years, they continue to grow and gain more users.

How business analytics enable innovative companies to scale and grow faster

Many organizations rely on business analysts that help them to expand operations and warn about any fractured policy that top-level management could implement. In any company, the role of a business analyst is considered to be one of the most pivotal as it helps to evaluate the risks, opportunities, market trends, and polity. The deep insights offered by…

6 Ways to master the impact of email marketing

The key to success lies in that your email is read, chosen, and remembered in comparison with the other emails in the consumers’ inbox. One can easily say that email marketing is an amalgamation of art and science.

How working remotely increases productivity

The work-from-home model has grown in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with that, employees are finding it delightful to work in their comfort zone. Undoubtedly, remote work does provide employees leverage over various important household chores but at the same time, it also helps them to boost their productivity.