Mat Ratty

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Google’s Performance Max: A game-changer for marketers or a misstep?

I believe that the industry as whole, should have a sense of optimism regarding the potential of what AI can bring to the table in terms of driving better marketing performance. There is value to be realized in automation and operational efficiencies to be gained. But, whether it’s #PMax or any other #AI-led solutions, marketers must push for algorithmic…

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It’s not just websites, GSP fraud has infiltrated the app ecosystem

One area in digital advertising where information asymmetry is rife is #search, as the major platforms do not provide the ability to use independent pre-bid or on-search result page controls. When search advertising counts for over 40 percent of digital #advertising spend, this leaves search open to exploitation by bad actors. This risk gets amplified when…

To track or not to track: The marketer’s dilemma

Without browser tracking tools, marketers will struggle to see which channels, creative material, and messaging contributed to each conversion. If visibility is diminished, how can marketers know where to invest and optimize?