Indonesian telecommunication firm Telkomsel has on Wednesday announced a strategic collaboration with Google Cloud to integrate enterprise-grade generative AI (gen AI) into its operations and core product offerings for consumers and businesses.

This move, which builds on Telkomsel’s ongoing use of Google’s AI-powered advertising tools like Performance Max, aims to transform employee and customer interactions, boosting satisfaction across the board and setting up the company for its next phase of business growth, the duo said in a statement.

“To deliver innovative connectivity solutions and services that empower Indonesians, Telkomsel, as Indonesia’s leading digital telecommunications service provider, is committed to enhancing its internal operations and delivering hyper-personalized and seamless digital customer experiences across its business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and business to business to consumer (B2B2C) segments,” said Derrick Heng, Chief Marketing Officer, Telkomsel.

According to him, Telkomsel hopes to unlock more opportunities for accelerating Indonesia’s economic and digital ecosystem growth through its integrations with Google Cloud’s advanced, secure-by-default, and private-by-design gen AI capabilities in 2024, as well as its continued collaborations with Google Ads, Android, and YouTube.

With support from PT Metrodata Electronics (Metrodata), a Google Cloud partner, Telkomsel is elevating the employee experience with gen AI.

Utilizing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and foundation models, Telkomsel has built a gen AI-powered conversational agent that is being integrated into its Mobile Office Application and Automation (MOANA) app used by more than 6,000 employees.

In addition, Telkomsel is turning to gen AI to assist its network planning, product development, and sales teams to transform network operations and strengthen digital inclusion in Indonesia.

The company is embarking on a strategic initiative with Google Cloud to build a gen AI-powered solution that analyzes data from cell towers and fiber optic systems to deliver recommendations in natural language.

This solution can then be used to more quickly and easily identify locations with connectivity gaps for future network infrastructure expansion and design fixed mobile convergence (FMC) offerings tailored for different customer segments.

Further advancing its commitment to delivering customer-centric products and services, Telkomsel is integrating its enterprise databases—stored in Google Cloud BigQuery and Datastore—with Vertex AI Search to build sophisticated gen AI-powered search assistants for users of its MyTelkomsel and myEnterprise apps.

These assistants offer intuitive auto-completion, natural language understanding, and search results tailored to individual usage patterns, empowering users to quickly find solutions.

As an extension of its recent collaboration with Google to help corporate clients deliver more engaging brand experiences to end-consumers via RCS Business Messaging (RBM), Telkomsel is also building a new gen AI-powered Content Management System for RBM that is built on Google Cloud infrastructure and the Gemini models on Vertex AI.

This system will enable corporate clients to replace traditional text-based SMS marketing with interactive conversations fueled by text, image, audio, and video content.

It will be integrated with Telkomsel MyAds to create a unified advertising platform with dashboards for clients to track, analyze, and optimize cross-channel marketing performance.

“Telkomsel is moving at impressive speed and scale to make enterprise-grade gen AI accessible and useful to its employees and customers,

“It is driving productivity, personalization, and top-line growth by enabling people to comprehend information and find solutions to problems in highly intuitive ways,” said Mark Micallef, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Google Cloud.

According to the statement, Telkomsel’s collaboration with Google Cloud in gen AI further complements its existing collaborations with other Google product teams to enhance its IndiHome FMC offering with Android TV set top boxes, expand the reach of other offerings through personalized ads on Android TV, and increase the variety of digital lifestyle offerings available via MyTelkomsel.

The latter includes various data bundles with Google Play Pass or YouTube Premium for consumers, with direct carrier billing for greater convenience.

Telkomsel is a digital telecommunications company that provides digital connectivity, digital platforms, and digital services.

The firm has been consistently deploying 4G mobile broadband networks, 5G networks, and enriching innovative digital solutions spanning mobile gaming, digital entertainment, digital lifestyle, mobile financial services, enterprise solutions, and the internet of things.

The firm also offers integrated IndiHome fixed broadband services as part of the company’s commitment to implementing leading Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) capabilities in Indonesia.

During its 28 years of existence, the firm has served more than 158.3 million mobile customers and more than 8.5 million fixed (IndiHome-Consumer) customers across the nation.

Supported by more than 233,000 base transceiver stations and leading 4G and 5G broadband technology, Telkomsel serves 97 percent of Indonesia’s population and accounts for 65 percent of the total payload (mobile and fixed) broadband users throughout Indonesia.

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