Hukumku, an Indonesia-based legal tech startup focusing on legal consultation and services, announced on Tuesday the completion of funding led by East Ventures, a sector-agnostic venture capital in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The funding will be allocated to accelerate its product development and marketing efforts as the platform will be launched in November 2023.

“We are grateful for the support of East Ventures in our mission to democratize and revolutionize legal access in Indonesia. Their belief in our vision reinforces our commitment to harnessing technology to make legal services accessible for all. With a passion for innovation and a strong background in the legal space, I am confident that Hukumku can reshape the future of legal services in Indonesia and beyond,” said Fritz Hutapea, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hukumku in a statement on Tuesday.

Hukumku was born from the collective vision of Fritz Hutapea, Chief Executive Officer, boasting extensive ten years of experience in the legal industry; Michael Jagadpramana, Chief Operating Officer, with over five years of invaluable expertise in the startup space; and Glorio Yulianto, Chief Marketing Officer, known for his outstanding track record in the advertising tech startup realm.

They realized there is a pressing issue where many Indonesians have limited access to legal services when they need them most. The lack of accessibility was compounded by a shortage of information and transparency, often leading to the misconception that legal consultation is expensive and overly complex. From the lawyers’ side, they also face challenges securing clients as the competition is typically based on connections or referrals.

Hukumku offers an innovative solution to democratize and revolutionize how legal services are accessed and delivered in Indonesia. Hukumku provides a platform that connects users to lawyers carefully vetted by Hukumku.

The platform provides users with vital information to find the right lawyers based on their needs. This includes details like the lawyer’s profile, practice license, areas of expertise, location, and user ratings and reviews. Additionally, Hukumku prioritizes transparency by providing users with pricing information for legal services, ensuring clear expectations for the users.

“Our commitment extends beyond just serving the users, Hukumku is equally focused on opening lawyers’ access to the users and leveling the playing field. We are dedicated to improving transparency, accessibility, and affordability within the Indonesian legal industry,” Fritz added.

Hukumku wants to bring a breakthrough solution that covers a wide range of services making it a complete one-stop solution for legal needs. Moreover, Hukumku will also offer free educational content and seminars covering various topics related to legal services and current hot cases/issues. The goal is to provide information and educate the audience on legal terminology and processes, helping them avoid misunderstandings and misinformation.

“Indonesia’s legal industry is ripe for the technological revolution, and we believe Hukumku is poised to offer innovative legal solutions accessible to all Indonesians. With the strong relevant background of the team, we are confident that Hukumku will not only bridge the gap in legal services but also redefine how legal expertise is accessed and delivered in our country. We look forward to more exciting updates from Hukumku in the near future,” said Willson Cuaca, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at East Ventures.

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