GENEXYZ, an Indonesian firm that brings virtual influencer and human IPs, has on Wednesday announced the close of its seed funding of $1 million, led by East Ventures.

This round of funding is also participated by other investors such as Emtek, MDI, Trinity Optima, and Massive Music, GENEXYZ said in a statement.

The investor in the previous round, Future Creative Network (FCN) also participated.

According to the statement, the company aims to use the funding to expand its business reach to the Southeast Asian market and develop more interactive technology that can effectively connect with relevant communities and maximize its impact on clients.

“We are delighted to have earned the trust of our investors through this funding round,

“This is a compelling validation that our vision of introducing metahumans and virtual influencers aligned seamlessly with the digital media landscape,” said Belinda Luis, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GENEXYZ.

According to her, the firm exclusively develops all its products in-house, leveraging cutting-edge technology and top-tier talents.

“We remain committed to further enhancing the expertise and capabilities of our team across diverse industry domains while fortifying our existing community, distribution channels, and ecosystem,” she added.

Founded in 2022, Belinda Luis and Christian Melvin (Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer) saw the limitations in content, interactions, and influencer functions.

They believe that building the credibility of the brand or company requires technology-based solutions to create optimum interactions and can represent the credibility of the companies in the long term.

GENEXYZ presents as the modern solution for brands seeking the optimal voice of the market in the creative, advertising, and Web 3.0 ecosystems.

The platform offered by GENEXYZ is based on advanced technology, enabling clients to interact with current virtual influencers and meta-humans while ensuring reliable and measurable interactions between brands and their audiences.

By utilizing meta-human, brands can ensure innovative, consistent, and scalable interactions.

With a robust network in the technology realm, GENEXYZ aims to enhance its business scale in both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sectors.

Alongside this growth, GENEXYZ has ventured into the direct to consumer (D2C) segment through a collaboration of Lavcaca with Eatlah, offering a special menu called Sego Iwak Pitik Endog Asin, catering to fast food enthusiasts with a unique local flavor.

GENEXYZ has also partnered with several renowned brands, including Bango, Tokopedia,, Ismaya Group, Nivea, Pepsodent, and Ujung Ujungnya Dangdut (UUD).

Moreover, GENEXYZ has launched several new IPs, including a recent launch of a male character with unique and intelligent traits reflecting his everyday life.

This character will be reliable for various branding and educational purposes, supported by advanced and hyper-realistic technology. This launch aligns with GENEXYZ’s focus on developing its meta-human business globally.

“With the continuous growth of the digital media landscape, we believe that the futuristic innovations brought forth by GENEXYZ hold tremendous potential to empower brands in capturing immense opportunities for consumer interactions in the future,

“We firmly believe that GENEXYZ is here to revolutionize marketing solutions and create positive impact on Indonesian society,” said Gavin Adrian, Investment Professional at East Ventures.

Throughout 2022, GENEXYZ achieved various milestones, including showcasing virtual human characters at live talk shows such as IdeaFest 2022, featuring Zivi (@zivi_zv), a meta-human character produced by GENEXYZ.

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