Resolution Ventures, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, has announced the final close of Resolution Fintech Fund I.

With its inaugural fund, Resolution Ventures said in a statement on Tuesday that it is committed to backing the most promising founders in Southeast Asian Fintech, building
solutions that have local, regional, and international applications.

Resolution Ventures said it accompanies founders along their early-stage journey, across Pre-Seed and Seed funding rounds.

It said the firm builds on the top quartile track record of Managing Partner Sam Gibb and Blauwpark Investments, a proprietary Fintech fund managed by family office Blauwpark

It also said the fund benefits from the experience of its partners and Blauwpark Partners’ network across the Fintech space.

It said their early-stage Fintech companies and their founders benefit not just from capital and guidance of experienced investors, but also the relationships and infrastructure that an institutional asset management firm brings.

Resolution Ventures also said it is delighted to support a number of Fintech companies that are positively improving and augmenting the financial infrastructure in our region, and driving inclusion by making financial services more accessible to people from all walks of life.

Some of Resolution Fintech Fund I’s portfolio companies include:

Oraan – a female-led Rotating Savings and Credit Association platform in Pakistan greatly contributing to female financial inclusion.

Stemly – a working capital and inventory management platform, optimising inventory levels and improving working capital management.

Dropee – an e-invoicing and ordering platform for FMCG goods that enables easy credit for retailers, connecting micro and SME businesses to distributors and wholesalers.

Gimo – an earned wage access platform in Vietnam, which recently completed YCombinator, disrupting the predatory market for pay-day loans and improving financial access.

iPiD – a pre-transaction validation platform, making it simple to know that international transfers are going to the right place.

PasarMikro – a platform that digitalises the payment processes for a number of agricultural commodities, helping farmers to get paid quickly and digitally.

Mayar – a payment platform that is making it easy for MSMEs in Indonesia to get paid digitally.

According to the statement, the fund is backed by an international community of FinTech-interested institutions, family offices, experienced finance executives, and successful entrepreneurs.

“We could not be happier with how the current portfolio companies have not just weathered the current market conditions, but thrived and demonstrated strong growth,” said Sam Gibb, Managing Partner of Resolution Ventures.

“We are excited about their prospects as we are seeing level 2 and 3 solutions start to emerge on top of the infrastructure that has been built in this most recent phase in our region,

“Considering the impact that we have had on our portfolio companies, we have no doubt that we will continue being an integral part of the eco-system as financial services infrastructure continues to develop in Southeast Asia,” he said.

Blauwpark Partners is a Singapore-based ‘single-family office for multiple families’ which holds a capital markets services (CMS) license for fund management issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The firm helps clients manage their wealth better to meet their immediate and long term inter-generational needs.

Blauwpark Partners works with Asian and European families, (ultra) high net worth individuals and foundations.

Singapore’s Resolution Ventures announces first close of $20M Southeast Asia FinTech fund