Hong Kong online wholesale marketplace Peeba is marking the first step in its Southeast Asia expansion by announcing that it is setting up an office in Indonesia.

Peeba said in a statement on Tuesday that starting from today, retailers and brands in Indonesia can sign up for Peeba on www.peeba.id.

It said retailers will then be able to instantly access thousands of brands for their physical or online stores, while brands in Indonesia will be able to reach both these Indonesian and worldwide retailers.

By empowering small retailers, both online (including TikTok and Instagram shops) and offline, to compete on the same footing as larger retailers, it said Peeba is set to disrupt the traditional retail landscape in Indonesia.

“At Peeba, we are committed to helping small businesses grow and succeed,” said Jacky Lai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Peeba.

“While the wholesale model has definitely evolved throughout the years, small retailers in Southeast Asia haven’t been able to significantly change the way they buy for their stores,

“Peeba aims to level the playing field for small retailers by giving them access to thousands of top brands online
without upfront inventory cost, starting with Indonesia. At the same time, we are also helping our brands grow their sales in entirely new markets, without hassle,” he said.

According to the statement, Peeba’s latest move in Indonesia doesn’t only empower small retailers — at the same time, as Peeba is onboarding more local Indonesian brands and allowing retailers outside of the country to stock more unique Indonesian brands, it is also helping these brands gain traction overseas.

Peeba’s strategic expansion of its resources to Indonesia will also include building a talented team there.

Founded in 2020 in Hong Kong, Peeba works with about 3,000 brands worldwide, connecting them with over 30,000 retail stores.

The firm aims to change the game for small retailers that face unique challenges as they strive to stay competitive and meet the changing demands of consumers.

Peeba is an online business to business (B2B) wholesale marketplace with a “sell first, pay later” model that’s open to small retailers.

By working with global brands, including those in North America, Europe and Asia, Peeba allows retail stores across Indonesia to buy products from thousands of curated brands on consignment, so they can pay for goods they are able to sell, and return the rest to Peeba.

This means they don’t incur hefty upfront payments, allowing them to stock high-quality products in their stores.

In addition, Peeba takes care of end-to-end cross border logistics, customs, duties and taxes while ensuring that goods are shipped to the retailer smoothly.

Peeba also offers a number of features that make it a valuable resource for small retailers.

These include a wide range of products from unique brands, with a smart recommendation system; net-60 payment terms; free and easy returns.

It is noted that Peeba has partnered with thousands of top brands, both local and international, to offer independent retailers access to a wide range of products.

With Peeba’s machine learning algorithms, retailers can easily connect with brands that are guaranteed to sell better in their stores.

Meanwhile, with net-60 payment terms, retailers face no inventory cost upfront when buying for their stores on Peeba, as they can pay within 60 days with no interest.

Under free and easy returns, Peeba also allows retailers to easily return unsold products online with pre-paid shipping labels.

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