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Sixteen Malaysian startups were chosen on Tuesday to go through to the next phase of the SuperSeed II Championship, a competition held for local early-stage startups by Gobi Partners in collaboration with MDEC.

After starting in July with 64 entrants, a public vote brought the count down by half. And then the 32 remaining startups had to submit a video pitch, which was evaluated by SuperSeed II’s judging panel consisting of investment professionals from Gobi’s partners: MAVCAP, MDEC, MaGIC, Sunway Group, as well as a Gobi team member.

So here’s the SuperSeed II Championship sweet 16:

  • Speedhome – Property rental service where tenants do not need to pay a deposit while the landlord gets protection from an insurance partner.
  • Graffiquo – Open, shareable 3D map platform aimed at “smart city” stakeholders.
  • Pomen – Connects car drivers and motorcyclists to over 500 workshops for breakdowns, repairs, or servicing.
  • SpareXHub – Genuine auto spare parts marketplace.
  • NLYTech – RiceStraws is this startup’s biodegradable drinking straws.
  • Maeko – Food waste composting system.
  • Lokein – Pre-owned and vintage goods marketplace.
  • Vechnology – Smart vending machines.
  • MyCash Online – Digital wallet for “unbanked” migrant workers to purchase financial products and services online without any bank account or credit, debit card.
  • HeyAlfred – Money management app aimed at millennials.
  • KryptoPos – Web-connected cash registers to help shops and restaurants go digital.
  • MotionsCloud – Helps property and vehicle insurance companies streamline and automate claims processes.
  • Memori – An Islamic legacy planning service for people’s wills and other important documents they may want passed on to loved ones.
  • Bountie – Connects brands, gaming tournament organizers, and gamers
  • Stixfresh – Stickers designed to be placed on fruit that keeps them fresh for longer.
  • MyGroser – Wholesale goods marketplace aimed at retailers.

Next, the sweet 16 will have a 30-minute Zoom call with the Championship committee which will constitute as due diligence on their business operations, operational and financial metrics, as well as their mission and vision.

Eight startups—the “Elite Eight”—will then be selected for the final stage, a live pitch session held in conjunction with TechNode Global’s Life’s A Pitch webinar on September 9. The event will see a panel of top industry experts decide on which Final Four companies will win the Championship. If you’d like to watch that highly competitive webinar, you can register on this link.