How to choose the right legal structure for your startup in Singapore

If you're thinking about starting a business this year, the first step is to identify which business (legal) entity is most appropriate for your startup plan. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of business entities that are suitable for early-stage startups.

4 Steps to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace

While it is frequently emphasized that diversity and inclusion are crucial to creating a healthy work environment, their tangible benefits are often overlooked. Not only do they create a more accepting environment for employees, but they also drive market growth and foster a more creative workforce for employers.

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5 Consumer benefits from increased e-commerce investment in Singapore’s logistics industry

With reports of Korean e-commerce giant, Coupang, hiring senior executive staff in Singapore, here are the top 5 benefits Singaporean consumers enjoy with more e-commerce competition and investment into local logistics.

Pride Month in Singapore: Tips to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture

There are several benefits to cultivating an inclusive, healthy workplace culture such as different perspectives to generate new ideas.

What entrepreneurs can learn from Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open

Naomi Osaka, one of the world’s best-ranked tennis players, chose to prioritize mental health above the opportunity to compete at a critical tennis tournament. Here’s what startup founders can learn from Naomi’s bold decision.