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How ex-Wall Street veterans are redefining what it means to ‘own your trade’ in Web3 [Podcast]

“The inevitable shift towards Web3 will increase the need for practical solutions to quickly onboard Web2 users. Merging the most useful features of centralized and decentralized exchanges can be the key to mass adoption for Web3-based crypto trading. For active market participants, this is a clear win."

Winning in a volatile crypto market: Top trading and DeFi strategies to consider [Panel discussion podcast]

Down to the fundamentals, the best strategy is to first understand what you want to achieve from crypto. After clarifying what your goals are, finding which strategy works best is easier to accomplish.

Can blockchain-powered microinsurance become a new global standard? [Panel discussion podcast]

Essentially, microinsurance is insurance with low premiums, covering potentially up to billions of people at scale, especially for those who can’t afford regular insurance. Today, microinsurance products cover more than 290 million people globally, each having at least one policy.

Gamers are making a living from play-to-earn: Here’s how to get started [Podcast]]

Compared to traditional video games, NFT games offer more to players by allowing them to truly own their game assets. This is the opposite in traditional games, where the game makers in fact own the player’s items. The play-to-earn model is flipping that around, where players now truly own their NFT game assets. 

Out with the old, in with the new: Redefining the gaming ecosystem with NFTs [Podcast]

NFTs are unique tokens that can represent just about anything digital--characters, power-ups, virtual land, weapons, a cherished video clip, and your favorite music soundtrack. They are built with the aid of blockchain technology that enables the uniqueness of each NFT.