Marina Bay Sands Hotel during daytime

From blocks to bytes, we need builders for Singapore’s digital domain, too

#Singapore's iconic public housing scheme is undergoing pivotal changes for greater inclusivity and equity. But Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's recent National Day Rally also touched on another vision: We need to empower more Singaporeans to build our digital domain to forge our economic future.

Making digital transformation happen with low- and high-code

Low-code development is an extremely powerful tool for any organization looking to accelerate its digital transformation journey. The low-code, high-code combination maximizes internal IT teams’ productivity while empowering more employees within the organization to embrace and be a part of the digital future. 

Singapore’s Temus makes first acquisition with Dreamcloud

Temus, a Temasek-backed Singaporean digital transformation firm, announced Thursday the completion of its first acquisition, Dreamcloud, a home-grown Singapore-headquartered system integrator.