Startup Weekend

More consumers are choosing to support businesses with sustainable missions [Q&A with Sam Rhee for Startup Weekend Singapore 2021]

There has also been an increase in demand for ESG investments. The demand has led businesses to relook at their business models and move towards sustainable practices. This also adds pressure to businesses and leads them to claim that their products and services are “clean”, “organic”, “sustainable”.

We need contextualized solutions to address sustainability challenges across Southeast Asia [Q&A with Durwin Ho for Startup Weekend Singapore 2021]

Innovation and sustainability come hand in hand. For sustainability to truly be sustainable, it actually requires the presence of a vibrant ecosystem that is able to introduce new technologies and perspectives to address the challenges we face today.

Replication of small-scale successes is often the most secure way to grow [Q&A with Yann LeMoël for Startup Weekend Singapore 2021]

The emergency of climate change requires drastic changes. However, a lot of issues do not need a disruptive technology (often then contrary: old tech, low tech, symbiotic tech), but a disruptive change in behavior. Sobriety has a faster chance of success than developing alternative solutions to support the consequences of pursuing overconsumption.