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With spot Bitcoin ETFs breaking record inflows, on-chain finance is bridging a new era for digital assets

With increased participation from both retail and institutional investors in Spot #Bitcoin #ETFs and the wider digital assets ecosystem, on-chain finance is anticipated to adapt and grow dynamically, addressing continuous and ever-evolving needs for user protection.

Developer and user experience at the forefront: Unlocking Web3’s full potential

As #Web3 continues to evolve, it stands on the brink of a new era in digital innovation and accessibility. This progress is underpinned by a technological shift towards a more unified ecosystem, with a focus on the most critical elements: developers and users.

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Taiko’s David Weisiger on revolutionizing Ethereum scalability [Q&A]

In this TNGlobal Q&A, Taiko's Head of Developer Relations, David Weisiger, offers deep insights into innovative approaches to scaling #Ethereum via Layer 2 solutions.

What a dynamic blockchain OS means for the Web3 ecosystem

The notion that Web3 is relatively new makes it a hotbed for ambitious startups and developers. As with any new industry, time will tell as to how the next evolution of digital apps will take off. 

Ethereum security likely to remain under-challenged post-Merge?

There are reasons to believe the new changes brought by merge will make Ethereum temporarily less secure, but there are always two sides to the crypto coin. Where contributors are incentivized to put more on the line, a commitment to growth, increased scalability, and accountability on the blockchain will follow.

Why Ethereum Merge will be game-changing for DeFi and crypto investing

Ethereum post-Merge will be much more attractive to institutional investors keen on ESG and earning stable yields, writes Wei Zhou of Here’s why.

Gamers are making a living from play-to-earn: Here’s how to get started [Podcast]]

Compared to traditional video games, NFT games offer more to players by allowing them to truly own their game assets. This is the opposite in traditional games, where the game makers in fact own the player’s items. The play-to-earn model is flipping that around, where players now truly own their NFT game assets. 

NFT-powered wellness app launched by Health Hero and Enjin, delivering gamified integrations for Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Salesforce users

The result of the collaboration will be Go! By Health Hero, a new health monitoring and engagement app that introduces the concept of W-NFTs. The Go! app collects activity and wellness data through an integration with health tracking devices and apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. Based on this data, the app generates unique W-NFTs with a set of…