More than e-commerce, PH’s Internet Transactions Act will propel even more demand for local fintech

More than e-commerce, the ITA promises to become a significant driver of the development of #fintech segments related to #ecommerce — digital-forward banking, #ewallets, and digital lending.

Digido serves over one million Filipinos

Philippine consumer finance company Digido is has announced a significant milestone, having served over one million Filipinos through its safe, reliable and inclusive digital lending services.

The leading role of embedded finance in the Philippines’ renewed digitalization thrust

With the powerful growth of widespread digitalization in the #Philippines, #embeddedfinance promises to get integrated into the national digital economy so deeply that it may become a benchmark for the global #fintech industry. And ultimately, the consumer wins.

Digido: Adoption of fintech services through mobile apps will exceed 72 percent in the Philippines by the end of 2023

The adoption rate of financial technology in the Philippines among the population aged 15 years old and over through mobile apps may increase to 72.2 percent or 59.3 million users by the end of 2023, according to a new report from consumer credit service Digido.

Explaining fintech’s role in the Philippine economy’s resilient growth

With continuing inflation and growing material demands of #Philippines citizens, their need to close financial gaps in the personal and family budgets will increase. Digital lending services—both from licensed online banks and services offering #BNPL, lines of credit, and other advanced financial products—is a key example, as they are able to handle the…

Filipinos spent 4.4 million hours using e-wallet apps in 2022, says Digido

2022 saw over 58 million active users in the Philippines spending a total of 4.4 million hours in using e-wallet applications, according to a new report revealed by the Philippines-based consumer credit service Digido on Monday.