Migrating to Cloud is like playing a game of Snakes and Ladders

Every company's journey to the cloud is unique, as there is no universal migration plan that works perfectly for all organizations.

Japanese unicorn Sansan plots Southeast Asian expansion despite recession fear [Q&A]

In the interview, Senju also shared his views on the opportunities and challenges he sees in Southeast Asia.

Deploying modern enterprise services in the cloud

Ultimately, the onus is on enterprises to make an informed decision on whether to stay with their existing non-cloud deployments or to move to the cloud. And if the choice is the latter, to make a considered decision about which cloud and deployment strategy to adopt before drawing up a migration strategy.

Managing the fine balance in cloud finance management

A critical starting point is how an organization develops its cloud capability in the first place--an internal analysis of the people, processes and tools needed--whether that’s to support operations, security, or a specific project. More than basic reporting, cloud cost optimisation takes regular cadence upgrades, and the application of processes to cost…

Service-as-a-solution applications enhance collaboration, productivity, and go-to-market agility, says Cloud4C Founder Sridhar Pinnapureddy [Q&A]

Service-as-a-solution applications, such as video conferencing tools, are becoming more popular because they can enhance collaboration and productivity. Digitalization is nearly synonymous with business survival and the commoditization of services and technologies can help enterprises address significant challenges.