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Jobseekers are turning their backs on employers who don’t offer seamless digital experiences

For many organizations, whose future success depends on their ability to address skills gaps and bring new talent into the workforce, the benefits of seamless digital experience could be game changing.

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Six steps to improving application security in cloud-native environments

Application security has become a massive challenge for technologists over the past two years, with the scale and sophistication of cybercrime threats seemingly growing by the day.

Agents of Transformation: How organizations in Singapore can lead the next wave of innovation amid the global battle for talent

The next era of innovation is gathering pace as businesses look to reimagine their applications in response to rapidly changing customer needs and to enable new models of hybrid work.

7 Essential skills elite technologists need to thrive in the new world of hybrid work

By investing in their own skills and competencies, and ensuring they have the right tools to take a more strategic, business-focused approach to innovation, technologists can propel themselves into the next era of digital transformation. 

Brands have ‘one shot to impress’ with digital services or risk losing customers, says AppDynamics’ Joe Byrne [Q&A]

Getting real-time visibility across the entire IT environment is critical to maintaining operations and enabling innovation, says AppDynamics CTO Joe Byrne, in a TechNode Global Q&A.