Retro Stage Launches Exclusive New Designer Products: Classics Never Go out of Style

MONTEREY, Calif., Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the beginning of August, Retro Stage, a trendy brand dedicated solely to vintage fashion, released exclusive new designer products to help modern women feel the charm of classic styles and lead the way in revitalizing retro aesthetics. These new arrivals feature unique retro-inspired elements, combine cutting-edge and vintage design ideas, and display fine cuts and silhouettes, giving the public more possibilities for distinctive styles. Find out more about the online new product release press conference.

Retro Stage Launches Exclusive New Designer Products: Classics Never Go out of Style.

Although everything changes so quickly in today’s age, retro fashion will always make a comeback. That’s the beauty of the classics: they never go out of style. “Thanks to our talented designers, they take inspiration from the fashionable clothing of the 20th century and bring the classic elements of that clothing to modern women instead of just the women in movies and magazines,” the Retro Stage team said.

Butterfly elements have always been favored by retro designers, and designers at Retro Stage do the same. Inspired by dancing butterflies in nature, Retro Stage offers a wide variety of butterfly skirts, from butterfly prints to butterfly embroidery, from monochrome to colorful, and from pencil skirts to swing skirts. According to customers’ positive feedback, designers keep bringing forth new ideas with butterflies. In this design activity, they combine butterfly embroidery with delicate mesh tulle to create elegant and romantic dresses, making it easy for people to show off their pure beauty. Meanwhile, this classic element is also applied to rompers and jumpsuits, bringing more options to the public for different places—work events, social gatherings, and even date nights. The best part is that Retro Stage will invite customers with original design ideas to participate in the Design Month activity and present the same butterfly fabric to the customers in a new way to make their design dreams come true.

Flowers are an essential part of life. At Retro Stage, all kinds of flower-themed clothing can be found; bright roses, warm sunflowers, and romantic lavender. In the new arrivals, people can also see the possibility of fresh daisies on the skirt. For example, this White Daisy Dreamer Vintage Dress, fully decorated with lovely daisies in different shapes, can give the wearer an endless sense of wonder as well as a real feeling of nature. Those delicate and lifelike daisy prints are full of vitality, making it seem as if the wearer is surrounded by the fragrance and elegance of flowers.

Polka dots, a classic element at Retro Stage, have been applied to various types of clothing in multiple ways. From black and white to colored dots, from small polka dots to big polka dots, from pencil skirts to fishtail skirts, from swing dresses to jumpsuits, and even swimwear. Retro Stage’s designers believe that polka dots always signify youthful and lively attitudes in fashion. Their delightful visual appeal shows off the wearer’s positive and enterprising spirit. This time, designers skillfully capture the inspiration of unpredictable polka dot art and mesh, and then apply it to delicate, artistic skirts.

Retro Stage also launches special seasonal red velvet and pumpkin clothing this time. The delicate velvet dress was once a symbol of nobility that stood out at various social gatherings, balls, and court banquets. Nowadays, as seen in the Wine Red Velvet Bodycon Vintage Dress, the red velvet, evoking the ancient trends of the Middle Ages, is a declaration of classicism and aristocracy, a beautiful interpretation of modernity blended with majesty. Full, rich pumpkin color is always warm and sophisticated—especially in autumn when it mimics the harvest sunrise and sunset. Just like the Ruffle Lace-up Fishtail Dress and the Halter Pencil Dress, their pumpkin color evokes a retro flavor and a sense of chic and luxury.

In addition, Retro Stage also introduces leopard-print garments as their innovative design. As seen on the Off-Shoulder Leopard Pencil Dress and Leopard V-Neck Jumpsuit, this spiritual pattern, paired with exquisite cuts and silhouettes, always represents a seamless fusion of retro and modern trends, highlighting the independence and confidence of women.

Retro Stage has always been dedicated to innovation, experimenting with numerous retro-inspired looks, and consistently adding new categories so that the public can find additional fashion inspiration. By using design, they want to express the attitude of appreciating life rather than adhering to traditional fashion trends and bringing interest to clothing through originality and creativity.

“It is the greatest privilege for Retro Stage to work with these talented designers. They keep innovating and seeking inspiration; pick out the most satisfying designs from a number of concepts; then give new definitions to retro style,” the Retro Stage team said, “Classics never go out of style, as they are the gifts of history. We will keep retro styles alive and design more surprising vintage-style clothing for our customers to help them pursue elegant and liberating lifestyles.”

About Retro Stage

Retro Stage is a popular vintage fashion brand featuring classic clothing and accessories from the 1920s, 1950s, and 1960s. As a vintage style pioneer, Retro Stage is more than a brand; it’s also a way of life that helps every customer step into the history of fashion with chic and glamorous retro style. “Beauty never fades,” the Retro Stage team said. “All we have to do is encourage women to seek out a better life and confidently embrace their natural beauty.”

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