XGIMI’s HORIZON series and Halo+ projectors are now available through specialty retailer B&H

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — XGIMI Limited, the leading global projection equipment manufacturer today announced the availability of their highly lauded Halo+ and HORIZON series of 4K & FHD projectors on B&H. XGIMI has enjoyed meteoric overseas market growth by over 40% year-over-year from 2021 to 2022, due to its user-centric product designs that deliver right-out-of-the-box performance with smartphone-like ease of use. The move to expand its distribution to new channels will give consumers more choices for purchasing XGIMI products from one of the most respected brands in high end consumer electronics retail, B&H.

B&H will carry the much praised HORIZON series, of which the 4K version won a coveted Best Buy award from EISA last year. Created to fit into family spaces, rather than conference rooms, the XGIMI HORIZON series is the smarter all-in-one entertainment choice for those wanting to enjoy more than just movies from the comfort of home. Offering users crisp images and powerful sound quality, the XGIMI HORIZON series enables consumers to build their own home theaters in any room they choose. XGIMI’s Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) technology offers users the ability to set up their XGIMI device from almost any angle and in almost any environment with ease. Hassle-free functionality, for quick, plug and play set up, makes the XGIMI HORIZON series truly the premium home entertainment projector must-have.

The ultra-portable battery powered Halo+ boasts industry-leading native 1080p FHD and HDR10+ image quality, and its 900 ANSI lumens brightness combined with a hyper-focused LED, delivers lightning-fast image focusing and brightness adjustments to provide best-in-class picture quality with low latency image processing capabilities. Halo+ adds a low-latency gaming mode that drops lag to an imperceptible 26ms, taking gaming on Halo+ to the next level.  A more powerful battery that lasts long enough for a full movie means users can enjoy their favorite content, wire-free, anywhere they go. Both Halo+ and HORIZON series have two purpose-built Harman Kardon speakers that pump out crystal clear sound that remains crisp all the way up to high volumes for the ultimate theater experience. 

“B&H is the first national retailer that XGIMI anchored in the U.S market and could serve as our strategic channels to offer the best-in-class smart projectors to a broader base of local customers,” says Tex Yang, VP of XGIMI’s Global Business Unit. 

For a limited time the HORIZON Pro will be discounted from $1899 to $1615, and Halo+ will be dropped from $849 to $749. For additional information, visit XGIMI’s website, or connect with them on Facebook


Trusted by more than 1.5 million users, XGIMI designs and manufactures high-performance multi-functional smart projectors and laser TV” and is determined to improve viewers’ audio-visual experience. XGIMI has created a series of game-changing giant screen projection products with critical partners like Harman/Kardon, Google, Texas Instruments. By constantly recreating its products, XGIMI optimizes its portfolio and provides the most technologically advanced and user-first experience for consumers. The small, compact devices are incredibly powerful to create an outstanding immersive home theater experience. In recent years, XGIMI has won international awards such as CES Best Innovation Award, iF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Award, EISA Best Buy Projector and Good Design Award 38 times