Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell 2K is launched in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

DOVER, Del., Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lindo, a smart home security brand, launches a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on Aug 15th for its latest product, Dual-Cam Video Doorbell 2K, a powerful doorbell that has two cameras facing doorway and downward. The crowdfunding campaign will  last for 45 days. 

Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell is laucned on Kickstarter on August 15th

According to Duo L., Lindo’s CEO, “Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell 2K is designed to remove the blind spots on the doorway. It represents our commitment to being the best-in-class in the home security space. Our solutions offer an unparalleled mix of efficiency, ease of use and competitive price on the market. You just need one Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell 2K to replace three devices: traditional doorbell and two outdoor cameras facing your doorway and downward.”

Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell features a 2K forward facing camera to monitor the doorway and a second downward facing camera to detect packages’ delivery. It also integrates two sensors, radar scans for movement and PIR scans for body heat. Combining with human motion detection, Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell reduces 95% false alarm.

A beta tester of Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell 2K, Jenny N. says, “It is very easy to install and set up Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell. I used less than 15 min to get all things done. It really does a great job. Human and package detection are quite accurate. I can get instant notification from Lindo Life APP.”

Lindo values customer feedback a lot. “We hope to collect more customer feedback through this crowdfunding campaign and continuously improve our product”, said Lindo’s CEO.

The offer is available with super early bird discount of 50% off – USD$99.

About Lindo Dual-Cam Video Doorbell Kickstarter Campaign
Date: 2022/8/15-2022/9/30
Price: USD$99 for 50% off super early bird discount
Available countries: the United States, Canada and Australia
Additional press materials, including product images, can be found here.

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