Pittsburgh Technical College shreds paper order from a pallet a month to one a year

Pittsburgh Technical College saves thousands a year while simplifying and securing printing with PaperCut MF, Mobility Print, and Print Deploy

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PaperCut has announced that Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC) in Pennsylvania, USA, transformed their annual paper bill from $30,000 to $2,500 with PaperCut MF. The flagship print solution from PaperCut slashed PTC’s paper order from one pallet a month to one a year. PaperCut’s print enablement solutions Mobility Print and Print Deploy also enabled PTC to transform their print environment from an ineffective print center to a secure and user-friendly service, which enabled them to gain full visibility of their print environment while also circumventing security risks like PrintNightmare.

Pittsburgh Technical College is a non-profit private college that offers more than 25 in-demand programs with a curriculum that includes internships and clinical rotations for degree-seeking, career-driven students. Founded in 1946, the college is currently home to over 1,400 students and more than 250 faculty and staff members.

Unfortunately, PTC had no control over their printing environment. Students were unrestricted to print any volume of documents in any format. It amounted to thousands of wasted dollars.

Jon Buhagiar, Director of Network Operations for Pittsburgh Technical College, sums up the waste problem: “There was no control. If you wanted to print a book, well, you’d print a book.” Even quantifying the waste was difficult, due to their printing environment’s lack of reporting and visibility. Buhagiar says: “Before PaperCut, the only way that we were able to see anything was a budget line or pulling logs that took us a lot of time.”

Jon was empowered by his CIO to fix their printing with a solution that would provide visibility, save costs, and reduce print waste. PaperCut MF provides them with the tracking and reporting they need to bring their print environment under control. Says Jon Buhagiar, “Now it’s just click, click, click, and we have a report as to how many copies or prints a printer has put out.” Their paper bill used to be $2,500 per month, now, says Jon Buhagiar: “We’re down to maybe a pallet of paper every 6 to 8 months.” Not only is this reducing costs, but it helps Buhagiar and his team sleep a little better at night: “We’re saving trees, right? Pre-pandemic, we had higher numbers on our copiers. Without PaperCut, we wouldn’t be able to see that utilization.”

Beyond these cost and waste savings, PaperCut MF’s additional features Mobility Print and Print Deploy address security concerns and simplify the printing experience for users. “PaperCut is responsible for getting the right drivers on the machine and getting the right settings on the machine,” says Jon Buhagiar. “Mobility Print is a lifesaver just for the fact that everybody’s an admin of their own machine.”

Jon Buhagiar expands that PaperCut MF’s enablement tool Print Deploy also helped Pittsburgh Technical College respond to PrintNightmare: “Print Deploy was an integral strategy in our security,” says Jon. “It helped us tremendously mitigate some of the risks in just Windows Point and Print.”

PaperCut MF along with its BYOD and enablement features Mobility Print and Print Deploy provide Pittsburgh Technical College with the visibility, ease-of-use, and robustness it needs to transform its print environment from a wasteful and inefficient poor user experience. Buhagiar sums up the key benefits of PaperCut: “Cost savings, the security of Mobility Print and Print Deploy, and then reporting.”

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