TORRAS Embarks on an Off-road Terrain with Innovative Phone Stand Solutions

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the world eagerly embraces the cutting-edge features and capabilities of the iPhone 15, TORRAS is thrilled to introduce a companion designed to elevate your iPhone experience, especially for outdoor enthusiasts.

Behold the UPRO Ostand SS Shield-mate – a remarkable phone case that seamlessly aligns with the iPhone 15’s innovative spirit, providing unmatched device protection and functional enhancements.

UPRO Ostand SS Shield-mate

Development Background

Inspired by air cushion shoes, the built-in real air-filled bumpers surrounding the case bounce back external forces, with a high-durability TPU structure effectively absorbing up to 98% of the shock upon every possible impact.

“TORRAS is currently the brand with the most diverse selection of stand phone cases, leading the revolutionary development in this product category,” stated TORRAS Ostand Product Designer Austin Yang.

Patented certification Air-Filled Bumpers

Experience the power of Triple Military-Grade Drop Protection, ensuring your iPhone 15 remains resilient even in the face of unexpected drops and shocks. Our UPRO Ostand Shield-mate is SGS-certified for 12ft drop tests and is engineered to provide unmatched protection from falls at a height of up to one floor.

This synergy ensures that your device remains resilient even in the face of unexpected drops and shocks. Whether you’re capturing life’s adventures or simply managing your day, rest assured that your iPhone 15 is shielded with a level of durability that complements its remarkable capabilities.

3-in-1 Versatile Kickstand

Offering flexible angles from vertical to horizontal, the built-in kickstand provides a variety of positions. A magnetic stand that is compatible with a MagSafe charger, wallet, and car mount. An O-ring holder allows you to grip your phone when your hands are full.

Semi-translucent matte Finish and Soft-touch Surface

This case boasts a semi-translucent matte finish and a soft-touch sandblasted surface, providing a discreet non-slip grip.

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