Omdia: Micro LED display market will grow to 51.7 million units by 2030

LONDON, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New research from Omdia has found shipments of micro light-emitting diode (LED) displays are expected to grow up to 51.7 million units by 2030. However, due to limited applications for which the technology will be competitive over the forecast range, the shipment share of micro LED display will reach only about 1.2% of the total display market.

Shipment forecast of LED display Sept 23

The micro LED display market is expected to grow from 2025 in earnest, mainly following demand of small sized display device such as extended reality (XR) devices and smartwatches, typically used outdoors. By 2030 the share of micro LED display is expected to reach 53.5% for XR devices, and 41.6% for smartwatches.

“XR devices and smartwatches require high outdoor readability under sunlight,” said Jerry Kang, Research manager at Omdia. “Micro LED display offers superior performance for brightness and contrast from self-emission, typically much higher than organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.”

Recently, many display manufacturers have announced their micro LED display prototypes, should applied to devices with LCD and OLED display. Omdia has found that there are only a few companies which mass produced micro LED displays for consumers devices in 2023 implying that there are still many hurdles before mass production of micro LED displays.

In July 2023, Samsung Electronics released an 89-inch 4.5k micro LED TV with LTPS backplane, , with a price at around USD 100,000. This came out more than twice as expensive as the USD 39,000 98-inch 8k Neo QLED TV of Samsung.

“An 89-inch 4.5k micro LED TV includes more than 33 million micro LED chips on the glass substrate, which cannot be easily manufactured without defects,” Kang said. “In order to reduce the risk of defects, such large size micro LED displays should be only manufactured by assembling multiple smaller size modules, for next a few years until mass transfer technology matures.”


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