Hikvision hosts 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit looking into the future of AIoT

DENPASAR, Indonesia, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hikvision hosted its 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on November 29-30. During the summit, Hikvision, customers, technology and solution partners, and other industry leaders came together to look into the future of AIoT and explore paths to shared success.

Hikvision hosts 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit looking into the future of AIoT

“Right at the forefront of AI, IoT and other technologies, we see great opportunities for AIoT innovation and collaboration with partners to help public service organizations and enterprises with solutions that can optimize decision making and increase operational efficiency,” said Keen Yao, Vice President of Hikvision, in his opening speech for the summit.

New approach to AIoT innovation, collaboration and openness

At the event, Hikvision outlined its new AIoT architecture with four layers of intelligence that include technologies, software and hardware products, open ecosystem collaboration, and AIoT applications and solutions.

Hikvision 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit

“Our approach to AIoT can be seen as a tree, where technology innovation is the tree’s roots; that innovation nurtures AIoT hardware and software products in the trunk. The branches of the tree represent our open partner ecosystem and collaboration that enable the growth and delivery of intelligent applications, which are like the leaves and fruits of the tree,” said Frank Zhang, Vice President of Hikvision. “We hope to better meet the needs of a fast-developing market together with our partners. Our customers can benefit from an easier path to AI adoption and success with the digital transformation of their operations.”

Hikvision 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit

At the summit, several technology partners and customers presented how they leverage Hikvision’s AIoT technologies and solutions to drive improved security and efficiency in their industries.

For instance, the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore described their “Classroom of the Future,” co-developed with Hikvision, which has enabled this digital transformation of classes and online sharing of educational material. And a large retail group who manages over 5,000 stores in Thailand shared with the audience how they adopted the HikCentral solution to centralize management, resulting in reduced costs and accelerated digitalization of their operations. Also, in the energy industry, a large solar plant in Vietnam has successfully used the security applications of an intelligent Hikvision video system with thermal cameras to achieve remote, round-the-clock operation in any weather.

More news at the event came with the announcement of the release of the Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) 2.0, which provides Hikvision partners with a unified, open environment for application operation and management that makes it possible to run third-party applications, algorithms, or components on Hikvision’s AIoT hardware products.

Technologies for a better world

During the summit, Hikvision also launched its STAR program, which aims to partner with non-profit organizations around the world and explore innovative ways to enhance environmental conservation and cultural preservation through Hikvision’s cutting-edge technologies.

“At Hikvision we are committed to the full integration of corporate social responsibility and a sustainable development philosophy in our business, and always believe that technological innovation can help create a better world,” said Zhang. The STAR program will be focused on three main areas: biodiversity monitoring and conservation, environmental monitoring and protection, and cultural heritage preservation.

Hikvision 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit

More than 400 Hikvision partners from around the world participated in this summit and exchanged ideas, insights, experiences, and practices in AIoT technology megatrends.

Visit the 2022 Shaping Intelligence Summit website to learn more about the event.