Xinjin district in Chengdu promotes digital transformation

CHENGDU, China, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Xinjin district in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province, is striving to achieve digital transformation, which would make the district more intelligent, its industries more efficient and its residents happier.

A bird’s-eye view of Xinjin district in Chengdu, Sichuan province

The district has set up an industrial functional zone called Tianfu Mushan Digital New City along the axis of Chengdu Metro Line 10. Focusing on digital twin technology and artificial intelligence, it aims to cultivate an industrial cluster revolving around digital economy.

Located at the digital new city, a digital economy industrial park with a total investment of 3.1 billion yuan ($440.2 million) is under construction and is expected to be completed in 2024.

It will focus on providing industrial platforms, demonstration scenarios and business opportunities for the development of the digital new city.

The Xinjin district government also plans to build a 6-square-kilometer park city demonstration community featuring TOD (transit-oriented development) and 5G. The community will serve as a testing ground for the implementation of smart business, smart recreation, smart life, and smart transportation technologies.

To boost the development of the digital industry, the district has established a number of platforms. It is also cooperating with leading companies to accelerate the development of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization.

The district has carried out a series of new policies to help build an industrial introduction and cultivation system, while a number of leading companies, including Tencent Start Innovation center, Glodon and 51WORLD, have set up operations in Xinjin.

The manufacturing industry in Xinjin is undergoing a digital transformation. In August, an advanced intelligent manufacturing park called Tianfu Xinjin Shuzhiwan officially started operating.

It will focus on the development of intelligent equipment, intelligent terminals, and intelligent services to create a testing ground for industrial digital transformation and upgrading.

The digital upgrading is also injecting vitality into Xinjin’s rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization. The district has been implementing an action plan to build a digital village support system, cultivate new business models of digital villages and improve the governance capabilities of digital villages.

A number of digital demonstration scenarios and projects have been built at the China Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park in Xinjin. The entire agricultural production process, from ploughing, sowing, fertilization and irrigation all the way to harvest, can be accomplished by operating mobile phones and computer systems at the smart farm in the park.