70mai Launches the 2-Hour Full Recharged Power Station

Tera 1000, brings users with the endless power on the move

SHANGHAI, Dec. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 70mai, an industry leading consumer electronics brand, announced today its official launch of 70mai Power Station Tera 1000. This durable & easy-to-use power station first debuted for pre-order last year, and it had achieved over $1.5 million in sales globally.

Tera 1000 is now officially available in the US on 70mai Official Store. Packed with clean electricity and solar charging, Tera 1000 is made for everyday power needs at home, off the grid, or on the way.

2-Hour full recharging for durable & reliable power

With 1200W rated power & 2400W surge power and 10 outlets, Tera 1000 is designed to provide stable power to any mobile devices, majority of outdoor equipment and home appliances, even for car batteries.

Tera 1000 can be charged in 4 flexible ways: via AC outlet, gas generator, car cigarette lighter and solar panel. With advanced inverter technology, Tera 1000 fully recharges in as fast as 2 hours, or recharge to 80% in 1 hour.

Generates 50% less heat, while operates quieter

Tera 1000 is the industry’s first power station which is equipped with 3 built-in ventilation spaces, including a diecast aluminum heatsink. It achieves industry-leading level heat dissipation as Tera 1000 generates 50% less heat than competitors when working under the same condition.

The industry-pioneering ventilation structure replaces traditional fan cooling, enabling Tera 1000 to operate without the humming or buzzing noise. This guarantees that Tera 1000 gives users power along with extreme peace and quiet.

User friendly

Tera 1000 offers users a firm and comfortable grip with its ergonomic silicone handle. Equipped with a patented 2-in-1 inverter, Tera 1000 eliminates the bulky adapter, which allows users to carry energy around without being dragged down by extra weights.

Connected with 70mai APP through bluetooth to control remotely, Tera 1000 allows users to check status in real-time, monitor carbon emissions savings and so on.

“We are excited to officially introduce our Power Station Tera 1000 to the US, which is a step-up from existing options on the market. Tera 1000 embodies our dedication to prioritize reliability and ease of use, which we believe will truly create value for our customers.” – Product Manager From 70mai Power

To learn more about Tera 1000 and get a special deal, please visit 70mai.Store.

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