4DREPLAY Wins IR Pitching Competition at M360

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 4DREPLAY, a four-dimensional video technology startup and member of the Born2Global Centre, announced that it won the investor relations (IR) pitch competition at Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2022 (M360 2022), which was held at JW Marriott South Beach in Singapore.

Photo by 4DREPLAY , CEO Jung Hongsu having photo taken to commemorate winning the startup pitching competition at Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2022.

M360 2022 was organized by the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) and participated in by the Born2Global Centre, a global startup accelerator affiliated with the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, as an innovation and investment partner. The event provided an opportunity for Korean startups to present and showcase their innovative technologies and offered a variety of programs, including special lectures by representatives from unicorn companies, expert panel discussions, an IR pitch competition, and a one-on-one networking session for global telecoms and venture capital firms.

The IR pitch competition was held in an audition format with six expert judges and online and offline audience polling. A total of eight Korean startups, including 4DREPLAY, and four overseas startups participated in this fierce competition. 4DREPLAY managed to win the competition, drawing enthusiastic applause from both the judges and audience.

4DREPLAY attracted attention when it introduced 4DReplay and 4DLive, which are multi-view, time-slice video production and streaming solutions that provide vivid viewing experiences through 360-degree, multi-angle coverage of sports games, entertainment programs, TV shows, and music video productions, among other types of content.

Additionally, 4DREPLAY’s solutions are used in video analysis, such as video assistant referees (VAR) for various sports, contributing to accurate decision-making. They can also be used for performance analysis to improve players’ capabilities. As a result, the company is collaborating with sports associations and clubs in Korea and abroad in addition to major domestic and foreign broadcasters and telecommunication companies.

4DREPLAY CEO Jung Hongsu commented, “We were able to present our own technology and finish as the finalist in this IR pitch competition.” He went on to say, “In addition, I was invited to be a sports video analysis expert for the popular American business podcast Trailblazers, a speaker for the Korean Institute of Broadcast and Media Engineers’ workshop, and a keynote speaker for the 2022 Future Tech Exhibition hosted by the Taiwanese Ministry of Science and Technology, showing that our company’s technological expertise is being recognized by both domestic and foreign experts in the field.”

He added, “As 4DREPLAY takes the lead in supplying video media solutions in the global sports broadcasting market, we will continue responding proactively to market changes and expanding our business across the sports industry as well as the entertainment sector in general.”

A company that provides four-dimensional video production and streaming solutions, 4DREPLAY was founded in South Korea and is currently headquartered in Silicon Valley, the United States. It has established itself as an innovative media technology brand that is spearheading the Fourth Industrial Revolution with 4DReplay, a multi-angle, time-slice video production solution, and its mobile-based 4DLive, a real-time, multi-view, video-streaming service, both of which are being applied to a variety of entertainment content, from sports and film to TV shows and music videos, to relay a sense of vividness and realism to users. 4DREPLAY has also been in the spotlight as a global media technology company that plays a leading role in providing people around the globe with a new video media experience. Based on their pioneering spirit and deep insight, the executives and employees of 4DREPLAY in South Korea, the United States, and Japan are constantly growing through collaboration with experts around the world and providing innovative media experiences to users under the slogan “Creating Experiences.”

Company Name and Product
4DREPLAY is the name of the company. 4DReplay and 4DLive are the company’s video production and streaming solutions (products).

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