OneConnect Named Among 2022 IDC China Fintech Top 50 Companies for 3rd Consecutive Year

Empowered Huaxia Bank’s project to win 2022 IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation Award

SHANGHAI, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd (“OneConnect” or the “Company”, Stock Code: 6638.HK), the leading Technology-as-a-Service (“TaaS”) provider, was included as part of 2022 IDC China Fintech Top 50 for the third consecutive year during the 2022 IDC Digital Finance Awards in Beijing held on August 18. Awarded by International Data Corporation (“IDC”), the award recognizes the Company’s outstanding performance in “technology empowerment”, “innovations and transformations” and “financial services”. Further, Huaxia Bank, an OneConnect customer in China, won the 2022 IDC China Financial Industry Technology Application Scenario Innovation Award for its Big Data Risk Identification & Early Warning Platform (“Dragon Shield System”) empowered by OneConnect’s technology. 

IDC is the world’s leading technology market research institution known globally for its authoritative and credible reports. It is also the first international market research institution to enter China. The “IDC China FinTech Top 50” list was launched in 2020 aiming to recognize fintech service providers that offer financial institutions advanced technology and fintech solutions which address pain points or lead to the development of dedicated services for various financial institution scenarios. It aims to provide the market with a comprehensive insight into China’s fintech ecosystems assessing their digitalizing capability and contributing to the business growth of financial institutions.

OneConnect is the first TaaS Provider that has completed a dual primary listing on both Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and New York Stock Exchange. OneConnect integrates extensive financial services industry expertise with top-of-the-line technology to provide applications and technology-enabled business solutions to financial institutions. The Company’s solutions help customers undertake digital transformation which improve efficiency, enhance service quality and reduce costs and risks.

As an associate of Ping An, the Company has leveraged Ping An’s three-decade experience in the financial services sector. The Company has established long-term cooperation with financial institutions to addresses their digital transformation requirements. The integrated solutions and platform the Company provides include Digital Banking, Digital Insurance and Gamma Platform, the latter a technology infrastructure platform for financial institutions. In September 2021, the Company brought forward the strategy of “One Body and Two Wings” and expanded its service offerings to government, regulatory and enterprise clients to support the overall digital transformation of the financial services ecosystem. In addition, the Company has successfully exported “Made in China” technology solutions to overseas financial institutions. The Company has served more than 100 customers in 20 countries and regions, mainly in Southeast Asia.

Given the increased uncertainty in the post-epidemic era, IDC has stated that the financial industry will face new challenges. Financial service providers are currently focused on improving digitalized customer experience, empowering financial scenarios with cutting-edge technologies and developing fintech solutions that better serve the real economy, strengthen risk monitoring and assessment in line with regulatory guidance, and prevent the occurrence of systemic risks thereby promoting the digital transformation of China’s financial sector laying the foundation for a digital future.

In the future, OneConnect will continue to optimize products and solutions for the fintech sector as well as develop cutting-edge technological innovations to empower, reshape and promote the high-quality development of the financial industry.

About OneConnect Financial Technology

OneConnect Financial Technology Co. Ltd. (“The Company”) is a leading technology-as-a-service platform for financial institutions. The globally-recognised company is a high-tech enterprise that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2019 (NYSE: OCFT) and achieved dual primary listing in Hong Kong in 2022 (HKEX: 6638). The Company integrates extensive financial services industry expertise with market-leading technology to provide technology applications and technology-enabled business services to financial institutions. These solutions enable our customers’ digital transformations, which seek to increase revenue, manage risks, improve efficiency, enhance service quality and reduce costs.

OneConnect is an associate of Ping An Group. By leveraging on Ping An Group’s extensive experience of over 30 years in financial services, OneConnect has established long-term relationships with financial institutions to serve and accurately address their digital transformation needs. Above its expertise and experience as a leading digital banking solutions provider, OneConnect also actively promotes digital transformation for financial institutions and provides trade, credit, supply chain, data security, risk management and other related scientific and technological services for government, regulatory and enterprise users. The Company currently serves more than 20 countries and regions.

OneConnect has world-leading technology capabilities for financial services in AI, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and Financial Cloud. As of 31 December 2021, the Company had submitted 5,652 global patent applications, including 1,525 overseas patent applications. The Company has also won 61 international professional awards, including four consecutive IDC Awards, the prestigious Wu Wen Jun AI Science and Technology Award, BAI Global Insurance Certification Award, the first prize in the OMG Micro-expression Competition, the first prize in Machine Learning in DROP Leaderboard and the CMMI5 international certification.