Tennessee State Board of Education approves Mathspace high school math courses following preliminary review

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading math content publisher and digital learning resource, Mathspace, announced today it has been awarded AGA and IM1-3 during the preliminary review for the Tennessee math adoption process, being conducted by the Tennessee State Board of Education.

Significantly, all of the grades and courses submitted by Mathspace were accepted on the official Mathematics Adoption List in the first round. The preliminary full list of math resources which were accepted and failed is available here.

Mathspace CEO, Mohamad Jebara, said that he was excited the full list of Mathspace resources had been accepted in the first round. Just four of the fourteen companies who submitted resources for multiple courses had all grade and course materials accepted in the preliminary round.

“This is testament to the quality of our Tennessee content alignment. The product Mathspace has built for Tennessee includes both physical textbooks and comprehensive online learning tools, all purpose-built to meet the requirements of the new math curriculum,” Mr Jebara said.

After more than a decade of operation from its headquarters in Sydney Australia, Mathspace continues to grow in the US and commit to new math curriculum development. Earlier this year Mathspace received an average 98.5% alignment score by the Florida Department of Education to successfully be added to the Florida Mathematics Instructional Materials Adoption list.

“To get our world leading adaptive learning solution to every classroom it’s vital that we make it easy for teachers to adopt for their specific local curriculum requirements. It takes considerable effort to do so both for print and our adaptive platform but it makes all the difference for time-poor teachers who need to engage students both online and offline” said Jebara.

Mathspace has also shown a strong commitment to research and evidence. In June 2022 independent research group, Empirical Education, concluded that Mathspace meets the criteria for Tier III – Promising Evidence, for ESSA. In August 2022, Mathspace released an efficacy initiative providing teachers with access to try Mathspace with one class with ongoing research support to measure efficacy.

“Schools and families want to know that the products they’re using are actually helping students to learn. This is a key priority for Mathspace,” said Mr Jebara.


Media contact: Jonathan Templin, 226-505-3561

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Founded in 2010 with a mission to help all students excel at mathematics, Mathspace is one of the world’s most advanced adaptive math platforms. Mathspace closely replicates the experience of having a teacher sit alongside a student. What sets Mathspace apart from other math platforms is its StepSmart technology, allowing students to show their work and get step-by-step feedback for multi-step problems. This means that Mathspace can deliver timely and tailored feedback to support students at the exact moment of misconception, providing highly individualized learning support for each student. With a built-in textbook, diagnostic and formative assessments, and thousands of curriculum-aligned lessons and videos, Mathspace is an all-in-one mathematics resource. Mathspace is used by more than 250,000 students globally.