Vijay Vaidyanathan

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Balancing innovation and safety: Cybersecurity measures for medical devices

The rise of the interconnected Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and other healthcare cyber-physical systems means cyber threats have the potential to disrupt patient care by triggering device outages or malfunctions. 

CISOs: Collaboration and Visibility into OT networks is necessary to mitigate future OT cyber risks

Alarmingly, Gartner predicts that cyber attackers will be able to weaponize OT environments to successfully harm or kill humans by the year 2025. But with this sensationalism comes a greater awareness of the pressing need for specialized OT security solutions and standards. In fact, OT security has become a security issue of national concern.

The fallout from the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and its implications

Digital transformation expands an organization’s attack surface, making it easier for threat actors to enter the network and gain control of OT assets. Without the correct security tools in place organizations can’t identify vulnerabilities or detect malicious activity.